Instagram Editing Like a Pro

Do you feel like your Insta photos are lacking that certain look that you want them to have? Or maybe you only took one photo of something, but it ended up being embarrassingly dark or washed out by the sun. Worry not, friend! As a photographer, I spend a lot of time with Photoshop. The only problem is, Photoshop costs money! Luckily, Instagram also has many of the same tools that I use every day in Photoshop. 

So how does one edit an Instagram photo to perfection? Let me start by saying this: The best way to make a photo look great is to take a great photo. Even as a photographer, sometimes shots just don't turn out. Sometimes you just have to wait for the next opportunity to take a great shot. But assuming you took a great photo, let me show you how you can turn it into an internet masterpiece. I'll start with a landscape photo, and then I'll cover portraits in my next article. 


So this is my shot before editing. Sure, it looks okay, but I really don't think I'm seeing the full potential of those colors.

First, I'm going to add a little contrast. This should help give the image a little depth.

Next, I'll add some saturation. This will help those colors start to come out nicely. Just be aware that too much saturation can make your photos look unrealistic, especially when dealing with portraits.

Do you notice how the sky is a little too bright in the middle? Bring down the highlights to bring those colors back.

If you feel like there are some parts that are too dark, bring up the shadows in the image. 

And here are the before and after versions of this photo:

To see how to edit a portrait, check out my next post!