Instagram Editing-Portaits

Last time in my Instagram editing post, we turned this:

Into This:

Now let's talk about editing portraits. Of course, the same rules from my previous article apply, so be sure to check that out if you haven't already. So let's talk about portraits! 

So here is our starting image:

As you can see, this photo is certainly an interesting angle, but it definitely needs some work. The best thing about portraits, however, is that they look best with minimal editing. As you can see, our friend's face is totally washed out. He's as white as a ghost! So let's go ahead and bring those highlights waaaaay down. 

Our next step should be creating depth. We'll do this by adding contrast. 

For this photo, I chose to stop here. Yep! that's it. It didn't take much to fix this shot. If you wanted to make this a little more dramatic, you could lower the saturation to give the image a washed-out look. If you wanted to add some color to his face, just do the opposite! Let's take a look at the before and after shots. 

Bonus Tip: Is your photo not working out for you? Try it in black and white and boost the contrast. You'd be amazed at the shots this will fix!

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