Nifty Tricks of the Internet

Depending on how you use it, the internet can either be the quickest way to accomplish nothing all day or the most useful tool in the world. Today, I hope to focus a little on the latter and share a few little tricks that can be found out there on the web. Hopefully you can find a use for some of these quirky tips.

1. Stuck in the Mud/Snow? 

Keep some weatherproof floor mats in your vehicle and slide them under your tires for traction.




2. Want to Make Your Doors More Secure?

Swap out those small screws in the strike plate for some that are long enough to contact the 2x4s in the wall. 



3. Messy cup holders?

Toss some silicone muffin cups in there to make life simple. 








4. Got leftover popcorn kernels? 

Pour them in a bowl and cover. Then simply microwave for a few more seconds. 




5. Kidnapped? 

If your hands are duct taped, raise them as high as you can and come down in one hard motion like you're skiing.